Billy Reeves  
Billy Reeves

Name, age and where do you live?

Billy Reeves
Saltash, Cornwall

How long have you been riding?

5-6 years

What type of riding do you like and which do you get to do most often?

I enjoy all types of riding, dirt, street and park. But ride park more often then anything, I really enjoy technical pro riding.

Favourite thing about BMX?

Learning new tricks or just having a chilled sesh, it’s always a good atmosphere.

Who do you ride with on a regular basis?

I just enjoy having a good session with my friends.

Favourite trick(s)?

Love the feeling of doing tail whip to footjam tail whip, so much going on at once and just feels good when done smooth. Also love a good table.

Worst trick(s)?

Worst trick for me is tuck no handers. Not the trick itself, I love the trick and think it’s one of the best looking tricks but me personally really struggle to make them look good.

Any other interests outside of BMX?

Lately I’ve found myself to be playing a lot of tennis with a friend I ride with (for fun) as well as swimming a couple times a month with my girlfriend.

Anything else?

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