George Braeger  
George Braeger

Name age and where do you live?

George Braeger. 24. Taunton, Somerset.

How long have you been riding?

11 years-ish

What type of riding do you like and which do you get to do most often?

I wouldn’t say I have a type of riding, I just love to ride. Each scenario is an opportunity to create something unique and have fun doing it. I like rails and jump boxes but also like gaps and trails, I guess it comes down to what side of the bed I wake up on!

Favourite thing about BMX?

Best thing about BMX is no matter where you are in the world you will always meet someone who rides, every person says it, BMX is one big family and from that it has allowed me to travel and make some damn good memories along the way.

Who do you ride with on a regular basis?

Have to mention my home boys, Richard Keith Perry, Naughty Hodge, Ross Hatch and Sam Baskett. Always a blast when I get to ride with people who I’m good buddies with! Also when he’s back from wherever he is in the world, Adam Butterworth’s a laugh to cruise with. And all my boys out in the States, Seamus and Conor McKeon, Sean Stallings and Logan Derberry.

Favourite trick(s)?

Quite fond of a lookback and a table, and a nose dive 360 here and there but most off the time cruising and peddling is all the stunts you need.

Worst trick(s)?

Whatever’s in fashion…

Any other interests outside of BMX?

I like beer, burgers, bears and baseball..

Anything else?

Time to give credit to a few people, shout out to Andy at Blank for being rad, also thanks to Sam Kirk for always building every bike I have ever had! And a shout out to Rob Hill for being OG.
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