Richard Perry  
Richard Perry

Name, age and where do you live?

Richard Perry (most people know me as Perry) I’m 28 years young and I live in a sleepy old village called West Buckland in Somerset.

How long have you been riding?

I would say I’ve been riding BMX for 16 years now.

What type of riding do you like and which do you get to do most often?

I don’t like to limit myself to one discipline, like to challenge myself and ride everything. In saying that though, I mostly ride park because we don’t have a trails scene or any vert ramps near to me.

Favourite thing about BMX?

BMX is a community, we share the same passion. It’s so easy to make friends and it’s also an individual sport where you can see riders personalities show in their styles and choice of tricks.

Who do you ride with on a regular basis?

These days I ride mostly with Sam Burditt, he’s got a really technical style unlike mine, he’s one to watch! All the local riders down Hamilton park kill it, always a good session when we’re out in force.

Favourite trick(s)?

I wouldn’t say I’ve got a favourite trick(s) but I am spinning the bars a lot and taking the hands off.

Worst tricks?

I hate circus tricks, a backflip might impress your mum but there’s a whole list of tricks you’ve missed to land your backflip fly out 😂

Any other interests outside of BMX?

Outside of BMX I get up to all sorts of mischief, hate being still.

Any other interests outside of BMX?

A quick list of thank you’s:
My gf Jay and my parents for being great, all the old locals for letting me feed off of their styles, Sam Kirk at Amped Cycleworks for always dialling in my bike, SWBMX crew and lastly but certainly not least Blank for providing me with the parts I can trust.