Seb Hejna  
Seb Hejna

Name, age and where do you live?

Seb Hejna – Forever young – London.

How long have you been riding?

21 years. Oh god.

What type of riding do you like and which do you get to do most often?

In London we’ve got some amazing bowls just a few minute ride from one another, so that’s what I ride the most for sure. We often take road trips to trails at the weekends; Sheet has been the place of choice recently, rad locals and rad scene. Of course, being in London, there is a host of street spots available, and although it’s not particularly my thing, I really enjoy it. But to be fair, I just like to be on my BMX riding with my mates, wherever that might be and whatever the terrain.

Favourite thing about BMX?

The people. I’ve met some of my best friends thanks to riding and continue to make more because of it. It’s great to see the younger riders coming through the scene knowing they’re going to do the same. Also the traveling, it’s taken me to some wild places, and in fact, it’s taken me to some wild place with my career too, I never thought it would lead to all the things I’ve done.

Who do you ride with on a regular basis?

Well, all of us at Ride UK ride BMX and because we all work together, that’s who we ride with the most. Greg Illingworth lives up the road from me and he’s a good mate, so we go out whenever he’s around. There is a good scene in London, so whenever you go out, you’re sure to bump into someone and have a good time.

Favourite trick(s)?

Although I can’t do them, I love anything that has some flow and style to it, tables, turndowns etc. But like I said, I’m useless at that stuff, when I was younger I just used to flip, whip and throw the bars and spin, and most of that has stayed with me as I’ve got older and I still love doing them.

Worst tricks?

Ironically, and I guess slightly contradictive, I kind of which some of the bars and whip multiple combo’s would chill a bit, some of them just look a bit awful, I mean they’re impressive, but sometimes at the cost of style. But maybe that’s just because I’m a bit older now.

Any other interests outside of BMX?

Ah, so many… Where do I start? I love to surf, skate and snowboard, and always have from a young age. But I also love playing regular kind of sports too, like football, rugby or tennis, but we won’t talk much about those. I’m also now getting into jumping out of planes, that’s fun.

Any other interests outside of BMX?

Thanks to Blank for the support over the years, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it, especially now I’m such a veteran, Ha!
Bit of advice to the young ones…Grab life by the horns, jump on board and enjoy the ride along the way.